Home-Based ABA Therapy in Kota Kinabalu

The Most Effective

Evidence-based Treatment

for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Personalized Program Designed To Meet Every Child’s Need

By offering ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) programs, our ultimate goal is to unlock every child’s full potential – achieving independence, inclusion, and quality of life! To enhance long-term effectiveness, training and education for parents and family members are incorporated.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where every milestone is
celebrated, and every challenge is addressed with compassion and expertise.

Gold Standard

Over 1000 scientific and peer-reviewed journal articles validate the effectiveness of ABA therapy


Initiated by Lovaas in the 1960s, ABA has undergone continuous testing and validation over the years

Promising Results

After engaging ABA interventions, 90% of individuals with autism show behavioral improvements

Widely Utilised

ABA therapy is the top choice for autism treatment, helping 64% of diagnosed individuals in the US due to its effectiveness (National Survey of Children’s Health)

Our Services

Psychological Assessment

Test results and psychological reports will be provided to guide your intervention program.

Home-based ABA Therapy

1:1 therapy to improve adaptive skills and reduce negative behaviours.


Empower parents with practical skills to support your child’s development for greater outcomes.

OKU Card Application

Provide comprehensive assessment and diagnosis to support OKU card application.

Reading Intervention Program

A program with play-based learning and 9 progressive levels suitable for children with learning difficulties specifically dyslexia

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. It is characterised by a wide range of symptoms and severity levels, which is why it’s referred to as a “spectrum” disorder. Individuals with ASD may have difficulty with social interactions, exhibit repetitive behaviors, and experience sensory sensitivities. ASD typically appears in early childhood and lasts throughout a person’s life. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States, the incidence of autism is at 1 in 68 children. That would mean that approximately 9000 children in Malaysia are born with autism every year (NASOM, 2022).  While the exact cause of ASD is not fully understood, early intervention and support services such as ABA can significantly improve outcomes for individuals with the condition.

If you have concerns about your child possibly having ASD, or if you’re interested in understanding more about ASD symptoms, please visit our FREE SCREENING

Early Intervention & ABA

The journey of nurturing a child with ASD involves both joys and difficulties, making it a complex yet fulfilling experience for parents and caregivers. Consequently, selecting the appropriate intervention is crucial, benefiting not just the child but also the parents. Among the Early Intervention Programs, ABA is claimed to be the most studied and effective treatment to ASD individuals as it fosters independence, inclusion, and improvement of quality of life.
The successful mechanism behind ABA is its behaviourism techniques that encourage positive behaviours and reduce negative behaviours, thereby helping individuals to improve social interactions, communication skills, learning strategies, and adaptive behaviors including fine motor dexterity, self-help skills, punctuality, and even job competence.
By choosing our ABA program, you’re not just selecting a pathway for development; you’re embracing a partnership dedicated to unlocking your child’s full potential. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where every milestone is celebrated, and every challenge is addressed with compassion and expertise.

How it works

Social Skills

Teaching appropriate social skills such as asking for things, expressing feelings & thoughts, taking turns to play.

School Readiness

Preparing the child to attend school by equipping them the ability to understand & follow through instructions while enhancing their focus & attention spans.

Language & Communication Skills

Develop & expand both student’s verbal & non-verbal communication skills.

Motor Skills

Through activities and plays, one of the main goals is to strengthen student’s gross & fine motor skills as these motor skills are impactful on a child's holistic development through adulthood.

Adaptive Behaviours

One of the most valued skills to be developed as it covers student’s self-help and self-care ability which allow them to live independently without other’s help. E.g. feeding and grooming themselves, toileting & shower.

Cognitive Skills

Developing cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision-making through various ways that a child can absorb & pick up.

Our ABA Therapy Structure

  • Assessment The therapy begins with conducting a thorough assessment of the child’s strengths, areas for improvement, preferences, and needs. This assessment might involve parent or caregiver interview, direct observation, using psychological tests, and other tools to collect details about the child’s behavior and abilities.

  • Involvement of Clinical Psychologist Our collaborative partner, clinical psychologists of MY Psychology KK will conduct assessment tools as necessary and involve in the development of a tailored treatment plan for your child.

  • Design Individualised Education Program (IEP) & Intervention Based on the assessment results, therapists establish a set of goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable for the child and design an IEP that outlines specific techniques, strategies, and intervention that will be used to achieve the goals.

  • Data-Collection, Evaluation & Adjustment ABA therapy heavily relies on data collection to track therapy progress and make adjustments and changes. Therapists collect data during sessions to assess how the child is progressing towards the goals and adapt the treatment plan accordingly.

  • Supervision Supervision by and case discussion with certified ABA supervisors over the session to guarantee therapy’s quality and direction.

  • Parent Meeting From time to time, therapists will provide parents with comprehensive updates & reports on their child’s progress, discuss any challenges or concerns from therapy sessions, collaborate on strategies for home reinforcement, and ensure alignment between therapy goals and family objectives for continued support and progress.

Why Home-Based?

  • Engaging your child in home-based ABA therapy instead of center-based ABA therapy brings you all these benefits: Convenience & Familiarity Choosing home-based therapy eliminates the need for transportation arrangements, providing comfort and safety for children with ASD in a familiar environment. Therapists can observe the child in their most natural setting, allowing for a customized treatment plan tailored to the child’s and family’s unique needs.

  • Opportunity for Family Involvement Delivering ABA therapy in the home setting naturally creates more opportunities for parental and family engagement. When parents and other family members are empowered to apply ABA techniques beyond therapy sessions, greater outcomes are awaiting. Parent-led interventions, supported by our parent training, are one of main missions at MY Kid Therapy, as this will be the key to supporting the child in the long run.

  • Transparency & Timely updates Home-based therapy allows parents or caregivers to observe sessions firsthand, fostering open discussions about the therapy process and addressing any concerns. Therapists can meet regularly with families for updates and educational purposes, leading to positive impacts on family dynamics and quality of life, as reported by many parents who experienced home-based ABA therapy.

  • 1 : 1 Session Children will receive undivided attention from the therapists during therapy sessions which will lead to more effective interventions, greater therapeutic relationship and rapport, and improved outcomes as compared to group or larger-format sessions.

About Us

Who Are We

We are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals including behaviour therapists and clinical psychologists. With well-trained and experienced therapists, we aim to return to our beloved homeland of Sabah KK and offer our valuable services and expertise to those in need.

What We Do

We offer practical interventions & educational programs such as home-based ABA Therapy, Parent Training, Reading Program, and awareness talks aiming to advocate for Autism and other Special Needs. Our goal is to assist individuals with special needs in reaching their full potential and improve quality of life.

Our Vision

Empowering Every Step, Unearth The Magic Within: Our vision is to create a world where individuals with special needs are recognized, valued, and given the support they deserve. Through tailored interventions and a culture of acceptance, we believe in unlocking their limitless potential, allowing them to shine brightly and thrive in all aspects of life.

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